The Boudie Bus Raffle Terms & Conditions

Location and Timing. 

The session must take place before July 14, 2021 and will be held in The Boudie Bus with Sarah Marcella Photography. The location of the shoot must take place within the limits of Alexandria, VA. The bus will come to you if you have available parking, if not it will be required that you come to the designated location of the bus.

Ownership of Digital Files & Right to Images

Images will be provided to client through online digital gallery. Clients will be able to view, download and purchase images through photographers site. It is understood that clients will own rights to images for personal and/or professional use. Photographer reserves the right to use the images for display, publications, promotional materials and photographic competitions. * Boudoir clients can choose to keep their images private. Please review the sharing options at the bottom of the contract. 

Boudoir Photography

Images will be delivered in a password protected private gallery. You will have access to download these images directly to your computer. If you choose, you can request your images be deleted from the photographer's website at this time. By choosing this option, the photographer waives any responsibility for retaining the images at a later date. The client understand that their album will be password protected and the photographer will do her upmost best to keep the images private and protected. However, the photographer is not responsible should the images be shared, downloaded or  computer/website(s) hacked by a third party. 

Proofing & Editing of Images

Proofing images*. Clients will be able to proof and select their images in an online, watermarked gallery. These images are not retouched, only edited. They are not permitted to be shared on my social media, websites or in print. If the images are shared, they will be considered stolen property and legal action will be taken. Clients must make selections within 72 hours of receiving the gallery. If you need additional time, please ask prior to the shoot.

* Not available for rush turnaround. 

Once fully edited images are delivered, the Client is responsible to inspect all edited image and request minor changes within the first two weeks of receiving permissions to gallery. Photographer will edit images based on her professional opinions. Creative editing that is not included in photographers initial edit will be an additional $30 per hour, retouching edits not included in original package $75/image. 

Description of service : 

Edited image : Includes overall color adjustments, sharpness, color balance, etc. 

Retouched image : Wrinkle removal, acne removal, teeth whitening, background object removal, eye brightening, minor body adjustments. 

Images will remain in the client's gallery 2 months after the fully edited/retouched images are delivered to the client. It is the client's responsibility to download and save the edited images to their files. Should the client need to access the images as a later date, an additional charge will be charged. The photographer is not reliable for retaining images after these 2 months.

Relocation of the shoot

Should the bus be in condition that it is not available for the shoot, the shoot will take place in your home. You can choose a separate location (Air B&B, Hotel, friend’s house) however you will be responsible for covering the cost of the rental space. 


Additional individuals

You are permitted to bring one individual to the shoot. This can be your hype girl, bestie or partner. I will provide you with 1 additional shot of you and your chosen person.

Non-Alteration Policy

Client agrees to not alter images in any way including but not limited to : filters, changing color or image to black and white or cropping image. Should client want an image an image altered in anyway, please inform the photographer. Photographer will provide up to five (5) edited images for social media (facebook, instagram etc.) at clients request. 

Photographer will provide B&W options per client's request.

Use on Social Media

Should you decide to use the images on social media, you can not alter them in any way (filters, color or body adjustment, facetune, etc). You must tag @smcimage and @the.boudie.bus. 

Cancellation Policy 

Client must contact photographer 48 hours prior to photoshoot. Portrait sessions can be rescheduled up to one (1) time. Rescheduled session date & time will be chosen at photographers discretion. 

Rescheduling due to weather will not effect the price or count towards clients rescheduling request. 

This agreement releases Sarah Marcella Photography from all liability relating to injuries that may occur at The Boudie Bus. By purchasing my ticket, I agree to hold Sarah Marcella Photography entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

By purchasing my ticket I forfeit all right to bring a suit against Sarah Marcella Photographyfor any reason. I will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained to me verbally. I will ask for clarification when needed.