The Exorcist

It's become a tradition, the epic halloween shoot with Dr. Miranda Wall. Last year, we were inspired with the idea of Mistress of the Midnight, a shoot incorporating fashion and flexibility. This year, we decided to kick it up a notch and integrate her contortion-like flexibility with an iconic film, The Exorcist. Lucky for us, we live miles away from the infamous stairs used in the original 1973 film. You may remember the scene, Father Karras throws himself down the stairs in order to release the demon from his soul. Deep right?

I came to Miranda with the idea months before it became a reality. It needed to be the perfect weather, and time of year to capture a twilight feel. We wanted to convey an emotion of suspense and dark beauty. Upon creation of the outline of the shoot, which is always done over evening beverages in Alexandria, we decided she would be dressed in a nude body suit, pale faced with dramatic eyes.

We arrived "on set" to find the stairs populated with tourists and fitness enthusiasts (these are the real crazy people of the world). One gentleman was running the steps, get this, for fun. During our time there, he completed AT LEAST a dozen rounds of running up and down the dangerous stone steps. A few times, he even jumped over Miranda in hopes not to interrupt our creative process.

As the shoot progressed, we found ourselves entertaining the tourists and local students. Miranda's creepy posing along with the random flashes of light peaked people's interest. They began to take out their phones and photograph Miranda in her Exorcist like movements.

Needless to say, Miranda and I always have a blast when we work together. We are each other muse's and these sessions have become therapy for both of us, a way to let loose, and give into our creative desires!

#fitnessphotography #yoga

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