About Me- The Intern!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Andrea Cooper and I am participating in a summer internship with this amazing company, Sarah Marcella Creative! I was introduced to this company last year when Chelsea (who was the intern last summer and is now apart of the team) shared photos of her experience working with Sarah. A little bit of background info: I met Chelsea on my first day of school my freshman year at Shepherd University and we have been friends ever since.

So, when she talked to me about her internship I couldn't help but to be in awe! I can even remember telling her "That would be my dream job, I can't believe how amazing that is!" And look where I am now!

To give a little more personal detail about me, I am very talkative, adventurous and determined. I constantly have a smile on my face and am known to laugh at horrible puns. I just recently traveled to Europe for 30 days, and while I was there I not only captured images that a typical tourist would, but also of any pet that I saw. (I am a sucker for animals)

This coming August 2017, I will be beginning my final year of college at Shepherd University for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. I have been working hard to successfully complete my degree within three years. This way I will be able to begin sharing my love for creating designs as well as capturing photography for clients within the business world sooner rather than later! In high school I was my schools co-editor for the 2015 yearbook, thus started my developing love for design work. After attending my very first graphic design class at Shepherd, I was hooked. Throughout my time in school I have learned that I thoroughly enjoy helping companies create brand identities for their businesses, which includes creating items such as logo design, overall tone/aesthetic, tagline, and even typefaces used for the company. I also have an interest in designing websites for clients, as well as stationary options. Here is an example of a wedding invitation designed by me!

(Yes, that includes the font selections, the placement of the text, and the floral graphics)

Along with Graphic Design work I am also a photographer. I am most comfortable capturing images of couples, whether it be for weddings, engagement sessions or just a young couple in love! While working with Sarah Marcella Creative I am learning to dip my toes into the fashion photography world and couldn't be happier. Photography has been a passion of mine since I picked up a digital camera when I was 16. (If you ask my mother she would say it all started when I was five and played with a disposal camera). As a growing photographer I wish to capture the beauty this world has to offer. The hidden beauty. The obvious beauty. And the kind of fantastic every day beauty that gives our life purpose. I am constantly aspiring to become a better photographer than I was the day before which in turn means I am always eager to learn more about a variety of photography styles and techniques. Fashion photography, Food photography, Lifestyle photography— I want to explore it all! Using both of my skills and ambitious attitude, I am grateful to be working along side these two fantastic women (Sarah and Chelsea). Just as I was eager to learn my freshman year of college, I am even more excited to learn from these two experienced women and be able to allow my creativity to come alive with this company!

-Below are some examples of photos I have captured-

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