On my day off

I'm not very good at sitting idle and "enjoying" down time. I am an extravert, which may be why I am always searching for work to do or something to learn. Over the weekend I got to do henna at the Well Ray event (total success), but then Sunday after church I couldn't help but pull out my camera.

Lucky for me, a good friend of mine— my fiance's sister— doesn't mind being the subject of my photography!

We're now motivated to promote her and her boyfriend's apparel company "Light Apparel" on social media. It was the perfect timing as Sarah and I are branching into the Social Media Management market. I gave them some tips and tricks that will help them expand their mission and vision, and the rest will be having fun taking new pictures to capture their brand and lifestyle!

I'll let you know their brand handle soon!

For now, here are some of my favorites from our shoot.

Let us know if you're looking to expand your business! We want to help you have the best photography and graphics around.

Have a great day!

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