Romantic Winter Blush

When Katie came to me a few weeks ago requesting my services for her special day, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Her perfect day was marrying the man of her dreams. Literally. There was no big to-do, no invitations, no decorations, no over-the-top ceremony, nothing like this.

You see, the only things Katie cares about aren't things at all. They're memories and the love she shares with Ryan, her husband. Together they have the most genuine, laughter filled relationship I've ever encountered.

From the moment of the first look, to the exchange of vows in front of the courthouse, every second they radiated love and happiness. This experience of pure joy allowed me to capture them perfectly - every smile, toast, hug and tear.

We pranced around Old Town, what I call my "playground". This town is filled with historic alleyways, picturesque courtyards, and magical tunnels. Kate, in her 5" blinged-to-the-max heels, was more than willing to follow my lead. Her confidence in my vision gave me full creative freedom, and for that, I'm grateful.

It was, hands-down, my most emotional shoot to date. I left feeling invigorated and immediately began the editing process. Within the hour after their shoot, I sent a handful of images. Katie's response was as such, "I'm dying, OMG OMG OMG, I LOVE, OMG!!!!! I'm crying", but imagine 10-15 messages like this. I was, and still am, on cloud nine and beyond honored they invited me to capture their intimate day and celebration of love.

Katie's favorite shot from the day.

Cheers to this amazing couple!

#weddingphotography #wedding #oldtownalexandria

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