Mistress Miranda

There are certain people in your life, when you meet them, sparks fly. Now, I'm not talking about romantic sparks, I'm talking about creative, motivating, inspirational sparks. I have a few special people in my life who light up my creative world - Miranda is one of these people.

I've only known Miranda a few months, but we've become close friends. I began photographing her to build my portfolio and document her yoga ability. It's a long-time dream of mine to become an ambassador photographer for Lululemon, and I knew to get there I was going to have to present a stunning portfolio. Miranda selflessly agreed to contribute her time once a month to help me. I'm at the point now, that I have more than enough work to show, but these shoots have become a type of therapy for both of us.

For October, we agreed to do a Halloween themed shoot. At first, we had over-the-top ideas. After a month of planning, and incorporating more than a dozen people, and several date changes, we realized the shoot had grown beyond our schedules. Miranda and I took a step back, and agreed to meet Tuesday, for two hours and just do whatever we could in that time.

An hour before the shoot I began to think about outfit, hair and make-up. Should we just do another cool yoga session? No, No, I thought to myself. I NEEDED something different this week. That's when I came up with the idea of "Mistress of the Night". The dress, I wore to a gala and regularly wear when I shoot black-tie events. The Cape, I purchased last year. Why? Because when you get the chance to buy a wool floor length black cape you take it. The hat, shoes and necklace are all pieces I've collected over the years. Yet, I felt like something was missing. I wanted to add in deep purple lips, and I needed an accessory to compliment them - that's when I tore apart our apartment decorations (sorry Brian) and stuck them in Miranda's hair.

Within 30 minutes of her arrival we were in the car heading to our location - a spot right off of the George Washington Parkway. I drove past it a month ago and couldn't wait to incorporate the tall pines into a shoot.

Oh, and did I mention, this was the one day in October that it broke 85 degrees. Miranda was a champ and wore the cape as if it were a cool November evening.

Though we decided to take a "non-yoga" approach to the shoot, we wanted to add in just a few cool poses.

So the moral of the story? Miranda is my muse. No matter whether it's a shoot in the Potomac or on the side of the Highway. When we collaborate, magic happens. Wait until snow starts falling ... Sorry Miranda, I'll buy you hand warmers :-).

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