Romantic Fashion Shoot

I get to work with some incredible women. Alexandria, VA is home to so many female owned business - it's quite inspirational. Courtney is a co-owner of a local interior design shop, Ivy Lane. Not only is she a successful business woman, but she's also incredibly creative and (I'll say what we're all thinking) DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS.

Courtney is modeling TSALT designs, another successful female owned business in Alexandria. The shoot was inspired by the show The Night Manager. Alicia McCaslin styled this shoo. When we were discussing locations, she asked if we could shoot at a "romantic vibe" location by the water. Immediately I knew the perfect spot - Jones Point.

After 45 minutes of climbing through mud, rocks and shallow water, we turned in. We are all THRILLED with the way these images came out - romantic and moody - exactly the vibe we were looking for.

Check out more images from the shoot below -

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