Lululemon Charlottesville

Though I primary do photography, I love graphic design as well. Months ago, my handsome husband and I moved into a contemporary apartment in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. When thinking about interior design, we wanted to focus on our love for our city. I created a large (70" x 40") vinyl map of Old Town Alexandria.

During one of my weekly outings to Lululemon Old Town, I showed them images of our new place. The ladies stopped when I scrolled over the image of the map. Eyes wide they begged me to make one for their shop. Of course, I was over-the-moon. I couldn't believe this amazing shop would want to have a piece of my artwork on their wall. A few weeks later I installed the map and it's been a hit in the area and among other Lululemon shops.

The Old Town shop shared their map with their region and shortly after Lululemon Charlottesville contacted me to make one for their shop. However, it needed to go on a rotating structure. With a cork board. And an iPad in the center. Now, I will be the first to step up to a challenge, but this was dramatically different than my first map. I assured them that I would come up with a solution - and I did!

With the help of my incredible employee, Chelsea, we mounted the map on a piece of large plexiglass. This gives the shop the option to relocated the map over time. My handy-man father built a custom steel frame to hold the plexiglass in place. Finally, we added a steel flexible arm to the side of the frame to display the iPad.

In the end we were thrilled with the outcome. The shop now has a unique piece of artwork that can grow with their shop. Interested in your own custom vinyl installation? Contact us! We would love to work with you!

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